Casa de Perrin began on founders Josh and Diana Perrin's on wedding day. Josh, an architectural photographer and Diana, a food and prop stylist, went on a 13 month hunt to create the perfect tablescape accoutrements for their reception. 

Antiquing and estate sales all in the name of the consummate mismatched silverware turned into what we know Casa de Perrin as today.  Following their nuptials the couple received requests to purchase the items used - it was a lightbulb moment.

Today Josh and Diana’s catalog of dishes, serveware, silverware and glasses boasts some of the most unique and romantic selections for a casual meal for two or a banchan party for your marionette friends. Floral china to milk glass goblets, the best of Heath - Casa de Perrin gots the goods.

Featured in our shoot.

1. How did Casa De Perrin get started?

We started Casa de Perrin after we were looking for heirloom touches for our own wedding. When our various wedding vendors approached us to buy the pieces that we had curated after our special day, we knew we had stumbled upon something truly special!

2 . If you could set the table for anyone/place in the world, who/where would it be?

We miss setting the table for friends and family at home! We look forward to the day when we can all gather again.

4. What were some of the first pieces in your collection?

Our first collections were our vintage ones! It’s such a fun challenge to piece together a collection of vintage dinnerware and we sourced ours from all around the US. Finding pieces that were all different, but still worked together in a collection was so rewarding. We love our vintage collections!

5. Mankas Boathouse - we love it there. Can you tell us about this event?

The wonderful Alison Events team did the design and planning for this stunning event! The venue was the perfect choice for this intimate occasion. We loved being part of this event— our Heath Ceramics collection was the perfect fit for this rustic yet modern, Northern California event and vintage touches really pulled the look together. The talented Elizabeth Messina (@elizabethmessina) captured the event in a way only she could!

6. Do you have a favorite season?

Our favorite season is the holiday season— we love the togetherness of this time of year. Even this year when it’s been difficult to gather, people find creative, virtual ways to be with their loved ones and make the holidays special.

7. Where are you pulling inspiration from these days?

We find inspiration everywhere, but with the amount of time we’ve dedicated to staying in and social distancing in 2020, we’ve been reaching out toward nature for inspiration more than ever!

8. Can you let us in on any secret spots or websites you guys curate from?

Our collections have been built over the years from flea markets, estate sales, and our travels. We also collaborate with other talented designers, for example for our classic Anna Weatherley collection. It’s hard to pinpoint one source in particular, as each piece has its own little story to tell.

9. Are there tablescapers or collectors you look to for inspiration?

We love working with our florist friends to tie together a tabletop! Recently we’ve loved working with the talented Schentell Nunn ( and Bia Yapp (@biablooms)! Megan Grey (@megan_gray) is also a long time florist friend of ours that we adore working with! We are so grateful to be surrounded by such talented floral designers!

This or That

Vintage or new-new


Dine, in or out

Dine in

Family style or plated


Ceramics or China


Coupe or tumbler


Up or rocks


Indoors or Outdoors


Ebay or Etsy


Table: round or rectangle