Visceral, contentious, delicious and purposeful, Los Angeles based clothing brand Meals creates non-gendered garments good enough to eat.  Rebma and Sam Salad are the duo behind Meals and together have blurred the lines, “between the clothes we eat and the food we wear.” 

We like to imagine Meals as the love child between Massimo Bottura and Captain Planet, edible avant garde with a kick of sustainability stemmed from their use of deadstock and vintage fabrics. Yum.

Meals draws on traditional workwear motifs, embracing full cut silhouettes in sturdy cotton fabrics, and an ever-expanding line of professional chef-wear and home goods.  Shrimp, yeah make it a jacket; watermelon, *taps enchanted wand*, you’re a baseball shirt.  It’s a magical dining experience of fabrics uniquely dyed to culinary perfection.

Meals spooned out some of the ooze that makes us so thirsty for this brand.  They were also kind enough to lend their artistry to create the wow moments with Susan and Eat Nünchi you see below.

Meals in three words?
Food meets fashíoñ.

Dissect “wear what you eat” for us.
Food is fleeting—you eat it and it’s gone—but workwear lasts a very long time. Meals applies the fleeting, entertaining qualities of food to clothing.

Share how your love of food and the late Jonathan Gold plays into Meals?
J Gold took food (and all the personalities and culture around it) and put it in writing. Meals takes food and puts it in clothes. It’s alchemy, water into watermelon wine.

What was the first food-inspired garment you created?
The watermelon suit.

And watermelon, was this a natural progression to the Meals line, or is there a deeper reverence for the holy gourd?
No deeper meaning—we invite people to think about their relationship to clothing and food, but we’re painstakingly literal. Meals is a direct reaction to overworked narratives and ‘wankery’ in general. For us, it always ‘is what it is’.

Dream food folks you’d like to collaborate with?
All the fast casual chains.

Do you think a HOXIE would make a delicious workwear silhouette?
A nice slim can, you bet.

When not in Meals, what are some other designers you dig?
is our spouse brand, and they’re coming out with some absolutely sublime pieces lately—from denim shoes, to an entire collection based around koi fish.

Pop culture shit that really gets you going?
Fruits Magazine—the Japanese street style magazine from the 90’s. That's not really contemporary pop culture, but it's a remarkable document.

Anything you can share in Meals’ pipeline?
We’re developing some kid’s pieces, and also this super sick wash treatment that looks like cooked eggs.

seedless or seeded (watermelon)?
No stems, no seeds.

take out or home cooked?
Depends how flu$h we’re feeling

fruit platter or meaty charcuterie?
Fruit platter all the way. We try to never show meat in our work, except for shrimp, which are bugs and don’t count.

lisa or bart?
Lisa in the summer vacation episode where she looks “like blossom”.

ring pop or push pop?
Ring pop—we’re all about commitment.

a la carte or prix fixe?
Prix fixe. Less thinking. A la carte only at ‘big plate’ Mexican restaurants (el cholo, lucy’s al adobe, Casita Del Campo). Always get the chili relleno a la carte. Generally the rice is overcooked anyway, so just use complimentary tortilla chips as your carb and save $4 on the entree. Facts.

sunny side up or over easy?
Sunny side up is more graphic. We’re coming out with a sunny side up print soon. It’s really swell.

diner or deli?
We used to swear by Langer’s until we 86’d meat, so, diner.

hi-tops or lo-tops?
Whichever’s chunkier.

broadcloth or poplin?
Neither. Canvas.