Good bois make the world go round and behind the scenes are the good people at Mutt Scouts.  They are dedicated to saving every dog and placing their mutts with the best humans out there, just scroll back up to Katie Kimmel’s love for the org.

Mutt Scouts rescued our featured canine model Zeus after he was chained up as a guard dog, and we’re very happy to share he’s been rescued.  You can always find the mutts they have for adoption on Pet Finder, like sweet, sweet Levi who was rescued with his neck slashed and is ready for his forever home.

More on Mutt Scouts below and they’d love to hear from you if you’re thinking about fostering or adopting a rescue.

1. Please share deets on the good work Mutt Scouts does.

Mutt Scouts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs. We are committed to providing proper socialization, training, and medical care for each animal we save, no matter the cost. Mutt Scouts is not a breed specific rescue. We’re dedicated to saving every dog we can, regardless of age, breed, medical or behavioral needs. We are transparent about our Mutt’s needs with fosters and potential adopters to ensure that once a dog becomes a part of our organization, they will know nothing but love and safety for the rest of their lives.

2. How has the adoption process changed during the pandemic?

At the beginning of the pandemic, we received more foster applications than we knew what to do with and the rate at which people were looking to adopt went through the roof. We are a very small team of volunteers so navigating that new normal was a challenge, but we have been able to save more dogs this year than any other year before. Our team also tried to focus on welcoming the fosters that were or are currently living alone so that we could ensure they had companionship during the stay at home order. Dogs are the most loving, loyal, smart, caring beings- they give us back all the love we give to them, tenfold.

3. What are some tips for folks looking to adopt?

Flexibility is key! If you have a long list of deal breakers, you might not be best suited for adopting a dog until you are able to be more open about what you expect out of your dog. Patience is another big factor in welcoming a dog into your home. Our dogs come to us because they lack basic necessities like food, water, and shelter- many of them come from traumatic pasts or daily lives that don't allow them to be socialized. But we have seen even the most scared and timid dogs become their truest selves in their forever or foster homes. They just need time! I always tell people "this dog doesn't know they have been rescued by the good guys yet, so take the time to show them that we are the good guys and trust will follow".

4. Words of wisdom for new pet owners.

The dog you welcome into your home today will be a different dog in 6 months. Most of our dogs' lives before entering our org force them to be in survival mode. Once that survival mode mentality melts away, a dog can learn about who they are and are able to show you the amazing dog that was inside of them all along.

5. Something you wished every new dog owner would know.

Dogs are instinctual more than they are logical. We are the opposite. To us, a leash makes perfect sense, to a dog, they're thinking "why can't I move freely?". Dog's have two buckets, one mental, one physical. As long as both of those buckets are drained on a daily basis with walks, puzzle toys, etc- then the likelihood of your dog developing bad habits lessen, and you are going to have a happy & healthy dog both inside and out!

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Dogs or people?


Lap dog or good boi pillow?

Good Boi Pillow

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Dog bed or dog in your bed?

Dogs in the bed!